Vulnerable Asian children are building a better future for themselves with the support of StarKids and World Vision

Knot’s friends call him “Supphakit”, or Superkid. At 14, he’s lesser in physical stature than children his age but makes up for it in character and personality. Living near the Thailand-Cambodia border with his family, Knot is seen regularly helping his mother with her tiny food stall. His family’s financial situation is tough but he might just be their hope

After becoming a sponsored child through World Vision, Knot was able to access good education and develop critical life skills; helping him realise his potential to take on responsibilities for himself, his family and community. Knot went on to make the most of this opportunity

“I’ve learnt about different rights of the child such as the right to development and the right to participation. I’ve also been educated in anti-human trafficking and ending violence against children and participated in training on prevention and solutions for the teen mum problem,” says Knot. Along with his friends, the determined young boy has attended youth leadership skills training, an initiative aimed at enabling children to protect themselves and other kids from the common risks they face and work towards building a better society

Led by their own Superkid and with the support of World Vision’s staff, the children have formed a child protection group aimed at tackling the challenges faced by kids and youth in their community – which range from the absence of children’s rights to the risk of drug abuse

Through his endeavours, Knot’s family is seeing positive changes. Despite gruelling days at work, his mother draws inspiration from him. “I’m so proud of my son because he’s a good kid. He sets a good example and is always helpful to his friends. This encourages me to keep fighting for my kid, no matter how exhausted I feel,” she says