Support for childhood

With help from StarKids, families in Thailand are being equipped with techniques for raising healthy and happy children.

Namtan is excelling at school as head of her kindergarten class. But it wasn’t always like this.

In Thailand’s rice planting season, her parents Prateep and Kornkaeo would work in the fields from dawn until dusk, ensuring there was enough food to feed their daughter and extra to sell to save for her education. In other months, they’d seek out construction jobs. During these times, Namtan would stay with a neighbour.

The time away from her parents had an impact on young Namtan and she started to act out.

Everything changed when Prateep and Kornkaeo were invited to attend World Vision child protection training, supported by StarKids. There, they received counselling and learnt better strategies for not only managing Namtan’s behaviour but caring for her emotional needs as well.

The result? “From a girl who didn’t concentrate at school, couldn’t get along with her friends and had low grades; these days she comes home from school with good stories to share about friends and teachers,” her mother says.

“She is noticeably happier and her grades are better … She is also assisting the teacher in teaching other students who are struggling in class.”

The family of three now spends more quality time together, much to Namtan’s delight.

Image caption: Namtan and her mother Kornkaeo spend time together.

Words: Jo Sutton