Saving for a better tomorrow

With the support of StarKids, struggling families are finding opportunities to thrive

At the end of a long day working in Myanmar’s rice paddy fields, mother of three Daw Than Kyi takes a long sigh…and smiles.

While the work’s hard and pays barely enough to survive, Daw Than Kyi knows she’s now providing for her family in a way that she never could before.

That’s because Daw Than Kyi is part of a local savings group that’s helping her save for the future, a program supported by StarKids thanks to donations from Jetstar customers like you. And if she needs it, Daw Than Kyi knows she can also access low-interest loans from the group, rather than having to rely on exploitative local money lenders.

“I decided to participate in the savings group as I believe it will support my family,” Daw Than Kyi explains. “I did not know how to save money properly, with purpose, before.”

After the first year of savings, Daw Than Kyi was able to purchase a concrete water storage tank and pipes so she could connect to the main water source in the village. She also bought a pig, which provides another source of income for the family of five through the sale of piglets.

And the family’s improved financial situation is making it easier for Daw Than Kyi to cover the costs of her children’s education.

“I often [used to] visit the money lender for my children’s school expenses,” she says.

“Now I don’t need to borrow money from others. I will continue to participate in this saving group and will encourage other families to participate.”

Image caption: Daw Than Kyi’s children have more time to learn and play, thanks to the water storage tank and pipes which now bring fresh water to their home.

Words: Jo Sutton