Young Mob Leaders Program – Australia

Category: Education




May 2012 - September 2018


In Australia, Indigenous youth are at greater risk of falling behind in school and coming into contact with the juvenile justice system than their non-Indigenous counterparts. The Young Mob Leaders Program aims to encourage young Aboriginal people to stay at school and connect to culture, developing their leadership skills and empowering them to be strong youth and community leaders.


The overarching goal of Young Mob is to empower Aboriginal young people to confidently engage with the world and develop strong connections with culture and within and across their communities. This goal will be achieved through a range of activities including:

– Young Mob participants increase their confidence and engagement with culture and seek learning, working and leadership opportunities.

– Young Mob participants are inspired and engaged by Aboriginal facilitators using best-practice methods.

– A strong network of implementing partners provides Young Mob participants with pathways and opportunities in culture, education, employment and leadership, and enables the program to scale up.