Martu Leadership Program – Australia

Category: Education




In remote Aboriginal communities, governance and leadership require integrity and resilience. Although these can be developed within Martu social and cultural frameworks, modern governance and leadership also require sufficient knowledge, confidence and strategic capacity to deal effectively with the mainstream world. The Martu Leadership Program aims to support Martu men and women to develop these competencies and become strong community leaders. By supporting this project, you will help men and women in the East Pilbara to build realistic pathways to a healthy and prosperous future.


– Knowledge: to identify and acquire the critical and practical knowledge required by Martu to effectively engage with the mainstream world (legal, financial, governmental and corporate knowledge).

– Strategy: to effectively manage mainstream-related issues and understand when and how to access appropriate support and assistance.

– Networks: to get to know a range of professional people who can assist Martu to deal with issues and make the most of opportunities.

– Communication: to develop capacities to speak, read and write in English as much as is practicable.

–┬áConfidence: to feel self-assured and capable of taking responsibility for issues and opportunities.