Ending Violence Against Children (EVAC) – Thailand

Category: Child Protection


Population growth and a lack of income opportunities are some of the factors that make children and youth in disadvantaged communities in Thailand and across East Asia particularly vulnerable to violence, exploitation and abuse. Jetstar supports this project to ensure vulnerable children are cared for and protected from child trafficking, abuse, neglect, exploitation and all other forms of violence within supportive families and communities.


This regional program is being implemented in Thailand, Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam. It aims to address all forms of violence against children, especially child trafficking.

The projects objectives are:

– Vulnerable children and youth learn how to protect themselves from child trafficking and all forms of violence.

– Families and caregivers have access to support and services, including income generation support, in order to care for and protect their children.

– Communities are strengthened and working together to create a safe and protective environment for all children.

– Collaboration between governments, business and child welfare groups is strengthened to improve policies and responses to violence against children.