Warlpiri Early Childhood Development – Australia

Category: Education




July 2013 - September 2019


Access to quality early childhood care and education is critical for lifelong outcomes. However, early childhood care and development opportunities for children in remote Indigenous communities still lag well behind those experienced by most non-Indigenous Australians. World Vision helps facilitate programs designed to improve the health and well-being of children aged up to five years in Warlpiri communities through support provided by parents, carers and early childhood services.


To improve the health and well-being of children aged up to five years in the four Warlpiri communities by establishing a foundation for them to meet their social, intellectual, spiritual and physical needs through the support of parents, caregivers and quality early childhood services:

– Increase access to early learning and care for children in their community

– Support early childhood training for local community members

– Support the work of local governance through Early Childhood Reference Groups

– Work collaboratively with other early childhood services and staff such as schools, childcare centres and health professionals to increase outcomes for children in each community