Join the club

Mothers in Vietnam are learning top tips through a nutrition club.

In Vietnam’s Phuoc Son District, Giang Thi Ly Ly leads a StarKids-supported nutrition club. She teaches mothers about antenatal care, vaccination and supplementary feeding for children. 

When Ly first took on the role, she was very shy. She’d never had to speak in front of a crowd before. But with World Vision’s training in communication skills, she can now stand confidently in front of her community and share important health messages.  

“You need to make sure they understand the purpose of the new knowledge you want to teach them in order for them to start listening,” she says. “Importantly, such new knowledge needs to be frequently repeated so they will not forget and gradually change their old habits.” 

Ly is delighted to see local mothers following her advice. For example, they now try to breastfeed their children for the first six months after birth. They also learned how to prepare more nutritious meals for their children, as well as how to better take care of them when they’re sick.  

The health benefits for children are already evident. When the nutrition club first started, ten children in the community were malnourished. Each of those children has now reached a healthy weight. Recently, more mothers of malnourished children have joined so they too can learn how to raise healthier children.  

Ly loves being able to make such a positive impact. “I am happy that I can help my sisters in the community. I think I will still be doing this in the next 15 years or more,” she says.