Inspiring the next generation

Children in Cambodia are encouraged to lead community education

Four years ago, if you had asked Sopheak what he thought of school, he would have said he skipped it. As a shy boy with a fear of joining in group activities, he found other places to have fun. Now, the 16-year-old inspires and teaches 30 kids in a World Vision youth club every Sunday.  

Sopheak had a change of heart when he saw his peers involved with the youth club, gaining the skills and confidence to educate younger children. For Sopheak, it was a chance to be brave – he asked to join too. From then onwards, he has worked hard at school knowing that if he does this, he too can inspire other children.  

His main goals are clear – to be active, brave and enable education for all children in his community. 

“I am motivated. I feel respected. My students call me Bong [a title of respect],” he adds. 

His goals don’t stop here. Already, Sopheak is saving money to fund his future education. His dream? To become a community facilitator and positive influence.  

“I want to see my community developed – no alcohol, no violence, and no drugs.” 

Sopheak isn’t the only one flourishing from World Vision support. He is one of 1.5 million children that benefit from assistance across Cambodia each year.  

Sopheak’s family is also being assisted. World Vision helped them with building a toilet, and gave his parents the tools to learn more about hygiene, health, nutrition, and agriculture. It is thanks to the support of Jetstar customers that such initiatives across communities like Sopheak’s are possible.