How Water Changes Life

Access to clean water, toilets and showers has given one Cambodian community a brighter future

Imagine risking being bitten by snakes, insects or even attacked every time you went to the bathroom.

For Channa, 11, and his family living in a village in Cambodia, this was the daily reality, as their ‘toilet’ was 200 metres from home. Answering the call of nature in the middle of the night was an ordeal, particularly for young children. Worse, lack of proper toilets and sanitation meant that disease spread easily into their water supply – especially in the rainy season.

“When my teacher talked about toilets, I felt so embarrassed because we didn’t have one [at home],” recalls Channa.

Life is much better now for Channa and his community. A World Vision project worked with community leaders and school teachers in his village to promote hygiene and encourage locals to build toilets and clean water systems.

Channa’s father saved up to build a toilet and a shower in their yard, and World Vision supported them in installing a water tank. “I use the toilet to keep clean. And I always wash my hands because that protects me from harmful bacteria.” Every household in the village now has its own toilet.

With the support of your donations to StarKids, World Vision’s healthcare and economic development projects are changing the lives of children like Channa.