Hope, dignity and purpose

A step-by-step pathway to end poverty

U Maung and Daw Tin live with their five children in Kayin State, Myanmar. U Maung relies on odd jobs in the community for an income. They lived in a poorly built bamboo home, which collapse, forcing them to live in a small hut in a brickyard without sanitation.

World Vision’s Ultra Poor Graduation project helps vulnerable families like theirs overcome poverty. At the beginning of the project, they received sex months worth of food rations. Because they did not have to spend extra money for food for six months, Daw Tin joined the village savings and loans group, as they could now save the money that would usually be spent on food.

They were also educated on health and nutrition, child protection and child rights, financial management and home gardening. Daw Tin used the family’s savings to buy ducks, and three cows to breed for additional income.

After receiving small business training, U Maung began making fried pastries and bread sticks for this wife to sell in the village, along with home-grown seasonal vegetables and home-made fish paste.

The family’s income has increased for US$45 per month to $US75 epr month. And a new hosue was built for them with the help of World Vision and community members.

“For various reasons, me and my wife did not have proper education when we were young, so we don’t know how to read and write. That’s why I’m determined to support my children to finish their education no matter what. What saving practices and our hard work, I’m sure we will be able to fulfill out family’s future dreams in no time,” says U Maung.

Since 2019, 1742 households have participated in the project, providing extremely poor households with a pathway out of poverty.