Hope after hardship

StarKids donations helped this young family in Vietnam overcome adversity.

After years suffering from diabetes, Cai’s husband passed away in 2015, leaving her to raise two small daughters.

Even before this tragedy, the family struggled to grow enough rice on their small farm to last all year round. And, after losing their main breadwinner, their life was filled with hardship.

That was until Cai enrolled in a farming skills training course as part of a StarKids-supported agriculture project. She learned how to increase her rice yield while reducing production costs and can now harvest 20 sacks of rice each year.

In addition, Cai learned how to lead a child nutrition club for mothers in her village and is now running meetings and developing monthly plans for the club. Driven by a desire to improve children’s health, Cai also joined the staff at her local health centre and was recently recruited to work as a cook in a primary school near her home.

Meanwhile, her two children also received support to remain in school while their family was struggling.

“The care that we received from our teachers, friends and World Vision staff was a strong encouragement to us to overcome our saddest time,” say Cai’s daughters Thao Van and Quynh Nhu.

The sisters are overcoming the loss of their father and performing well at school. Thao Van is now enrolled in a school for outstanding students.

“I no longer want to quit school to stay home helping my mum,” she says. “I have to study hard to be able to help my family escape poverty.”