Harvesting a brighter future

Your support for StarKids helps struggling farmers provide for their families

Toiling under the blazing Cambodian sun, with plough in hand and sweat dripping from his brow, 51-year-old farmer Hok couldn’t be happier.

That’s because thanks to the support of StarKids and generous Jetstar customers like you, Hok now has the tools and know-how to grow stronger and healthier crops and to plant more diverse varieties.

This means more food on the table for his nine children, as well as extra produce that can be sold in the marketplace.

An economic development program run by World Vision and supported by StarKids gave Hok’s family useful new equipment and taught him invaluable new techniques.

“Through the new things that I’ve learned, plus experience and learning from my neighbors, I think we can [double our productivity].”

This assistance has been even more meaningful for the family of 11, given Hok’s daily battle to care for his family after stepping on an explosive device and losing his leg 25 years ago.

“I was so stressed [after the accident] as I could only plough two hectares, while others were able to do three,” he recalls.

While Hok’s accident and his reliance on a false leg made providing for his family difficult, he is grateful for the support to turn things around.

He is especially happy that despite his older children missing out on an education, his youngest son – 15-year-old Ramo – will now have the chance to complete his schooling.

“I believe I can support his education as much as he wants,” Hok says confidently.

Image caption: Hok is a happy man now he can provide for his family.

Words: Jo Sutton