Growing skills

StarKids is helping farmers like Agustinus better provide for their families

In a village on the island of Flores, Indonesia, Elis is a junior high-school girl with a big dream. “I want to be a village midwife so I can help my community,” she says.


But it wasn’t long ago that Elis’s dream looked impossible. She’d had to drop school because her grandparents couldn’t afford to pay her tuition.


Like many others in the village, Elis’s grandfather Agustinus is a cocoa farmer with an uncertain income. His earnings depend on the seasons and the quality of cocoa he can grow, and Agustinus finds it difficult to balance his income and expenses to provide for his family.


But Agustinus was determined to put his income toward Elis’s tuition. “I will fight for her future. She has to go back to school next year,” he said.


That’s when Agustinus began attending World Vision’s training in financial literacy. Training like this, supported by StarKids, teaches farmers how to increase and manage their income so that they can fulfil their family’s needs, especially the children’s basic needs such as education and health. More than 30 cocoa farmers in the village attended the training.


Now, Agustinus can pay Elis’s tuition, and Elis is happy to be attending school just like her friends. She hopes that all children in her village will have the chance to study so they can pursue their dreams. “I also hope that they will be able to perform and voice their aspirations… confidently!”