Going green in Vietnam

Farming families adopt organic methods for a healthy future

San’s family in Vietnam have gone green, adopting organic farming methods to protect the environment and live healthier lives. As farmers, they rely on the land – so they know how important it is to protect it.

“My parents say they do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers for planting rice. They want to have the rice cleaner, tastier and good for our health,” San explains.

Thanks to funds raised by Jetstar customers through the StarKids partnership, World Vision has equipped San’s parents with training in new farming methods and helped the family build a biogas system in their home. It uses waste from the family pigsty to fuel a stove, so they no longer rely on firewood that fills the home with harmful smoke. The waste can also then be turned into compost – helping San’s family grow lots of healthy vegetables and cash crops to sell at the market.

With their rice-fields and vegetable crops flourishing, and extra income from raising and selling chickens and pigs, San’s family have built a sustainable income as well as sources of healthy food for their growing children.

“Thanks to these rice grains, my elder brother and I are able to keep on going to school,” San adds.

San’s family are one of 300 in this community now using biogas systems for their cooking, and 40 families have also applied the environmentally friendly farming methods.

“Will many more farmers take their part in producing clean agricultural products, doing no harm to health and helping protect our environment? My parents and I do hope so.”