Fresh vegetables a favourite for this growing toddler

With the support of StarKids, families are growing vegetable gardens bursting with life.

No one needs to convince two-year-old Andi to eat his vegetables.

Thanks to Jetstar customers’ donations to StarKids, Andi’s mum Esi now has a thriving vegetable garden and the growing toddler gets his pick of the freshest produce.

In a part of Indonesia where many children are affected by malnutrition, Esi’s garden is changing her family’s future by ensuring her toddler can grow up healthy and strong.

But Esi’s garden hasn’t always looked like this.

Before receiving training from World Vision, supported by StarKids, she says her yard was “… filled with rocks and it looked like an abandoned garden.” The family rarely ate vegetables because of the cost of purchasing them.

After receiving training in digging and irrigation techniques, as well as how to make fertilisers and pesticides, Esi was set for success.

“Now we are able to enjoy pak choy from our own garden,” Esi says of her first crop. “I am also happy because I can make my own fertiliser. I am excited because all of the fertiliser materials are available around me so I don’t need to buy [them].

“I hope that with this nutritional garden, my son’s nutritional needs can be met.”

In future, Esi plans to grow other vegetables in her garden, such as spinach.

She’s also active in encouraging others in her community to develop nutritional gardens to support their family’s needs. As chair of the local community health centre, and now a successful gardener, Esi knows just how much of a difference a regular source of vegetables can make – especially for growing children!


Image caption: Andi, 2, pictured with his mum, now has a regular source of fresh vegetables to eat.