Diary of a Cambodian transformation

Visiting World Vision projects in Cambodia changed the lives of Jetstar employees

Recently, my Jetstar teammate and I visited World Vision projects to see what kind of difference StarKids donations can make.

Day One: We go on an emotional visit to the Genocide Museum and the Killing Fields in Phnom Penh. It’s devastating, but helps us understand Cambodia’s history and why poverty is such an issue in this beautiful country.

Day Two: At a school built on a rubbish dump, we’re overjoyed to see over 100 of the city’s most disadvantaged children learning, thanks to generous donors.

Day Three: At a new project two hours from the city, a youth group gathers to learn safely in Grandma Bhon’s yard. The kids show us around, telling us their village needs clean water, and support to ensure children don’t drop out of school to help their parents earn income. My teammate Ruth decides to sponsor a child, to help the community long-term.

Next we meet families who are learning business and farming skills to raise their incomes, and go to a health centre where staff are saving lives with maternal care, nutrition and immunisations.

Day Four: In Phnom Penh’s slums, we visit a community centre where World Vision is helping with child protection and safe housing, and then a nutrition project, where grandmothers show us “before” and “after” photos of their grandkids. It’s lovely to see how healthy they’ve become.

My trip to Cambodia was life-changing. I’m so proud of what StarKids and World Vision are doing to help people who have so little and yet work hard to make the most of what they’ve got.

[Image caption:] The Jetstar team hand out goody bags to some of Phnom Penh’s most disadvantaged children.

 [Credits:] Words: Rachael Angley

Photo: Rachael Angley