Changes for good

One child and his family are seeing a brighter future through StarKids’ projects helping vulnerable children in Vietnam.

“I feel lucky because I’m a sponsored child,” says 14-year-old Khanh. My life has changed a lot.”

Khanh, a student in a mountainous province of Vietnam, is about to enter grade nine – the last school year before high school.

The teenager loves literature because, through famous written works about different people and different lives, he understands moral lessons and life values that help him become a good person. Books also help him learn different ways to express his thoughts and feelings.

Thanks to the support of StarKids and World Vision, Khanh’s family have seen amazing changes in him. “For the past three years, his performance at school has improved a lot,” said his father. “I feel so happy every time my son brings home a certificate of merit from school.”

His mother was moved when talking about the support their family has received through World Vision. “We had so little money to invest in our farming activities,” she said. “Not just that, we didn’t know how to maximise our profit to increase our family’s income.

“Then we found out about the literacy and basic finance class,” she continues. “We joined a savings group and livelihood group for raising pigs. World Vision’s microloan helped us afford a breeding pig, which has already produced one litter of piglets.”

Little by little, Khanh’s family are becoming financially confident, and they are excited for the future. One day, Khanh hopes to pursue higher education and realise his dream of becoming a literature teacher.