Earthquake-ravaged families in Indonesia are picking up the pieces of their lives with the help of StarKids and World Vision.

Nine-year-old Nadine recounts how a 7.4 magnitude earthquake shook her community in Sulawesi, an island in Indonesia, in September 2018.

“I was alone inside the house when the earthquake happened. I was eating dinner. I fell and my face was hurt from falling,” she says. Luckily, Nadine and her father, Safriandi, were able to escape but their house and farmland were destroyed.

Without shelter and income – Safriandi’s family was heavily dependent on farming – they took refuge in a camp for displaced people. Moreover, Nadine was missing months of vital education because of school closures. The situation was bleak but help was nearby.

World Vision’s cash-for-work initiative helps survivors of natural disasters get back on their feet and earn an income. When Safriandi heard about this program, he immediately enrolled. In the following months he worked every day knowing that Nadine would be safe in a child-friendly space designed to help children cope with the psychological effects of a disaster through structured play and learning activities.

“I went to the kids’ area every day. I loved doing arts,” Nadine smiles. World Vision worked with local governments and partners to clear the debris, level farmland and build shallow wells to help the community resume farming. Safriandi was among 200 farmers provided with support on agricultural practices.

StarKids and World Vision are delivering vital assistance to people like Safriandi and Nadine in many regions affected by natural disasters and conflicts, helping them rebuild their lives with dignity and hope.