A recipe for success

Putting nutritious food on the menu with StarKids and World Vision

In the mountainous Dong Giang commune of the Ham Thuan Bac district in Vietnam, the majority of the population are ethnic minorities living in challenging conditions where having enough food has been a longstanding problem.  

Many parents lack the knowledge to avoid the causes of such high malnutrition rates in children aged under five. Most mothers in Dong Giang would stop breastfeeding after only two to three months. This was out of necessity, as they were required to return to work and  contribute to their family’s income. 

As a consequence, many infants miss out on the health benefits of being breast fed in their first 12 months, reducing their immunity, and increasing their risk of developing respiratory infections and other illness. World Vision’s approach has been to work in partnership with local authorities through the Nutrition Club. Here, mothers have learned to gradually replace traditional cooking methods with approaches that help children enjoy healthier and more nutritious meals. 

Yen shared her experience from attending a nutrition club. “Since joining the nutrition club, I have learned to prepare nourishing and appetising meals that contain all four groups of substances (protein, fat, minerals, gluten) … In addition, now that I understand that children are often attracted to colours and shapes, I actively mix ingredients to add more colours of the dishes.” 

To assist the mothers in making the transition to a more nutritious way of feeding their children, World Vision also provided them with cooking utensils, cups, bowls, cooking oil and other ingredients. They have also advised them on how to grow their own vegetables. Already there have been positive changes in the nutrition and health of the children in the Dong Giang commune. Mothers now have a greater understanding of how to best feed their children, giving them a much better start in life and a much healthier future.  

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