A Joyful Reunion

With support from StarKids, street children in Myanmar gain a second chance at life.

Mandalay is Myanmar’s second largest city and home to thousands of street children struggling to survive without shelter and caring adults to protect them.

A troubled family life led Ko Pyae*, now 15, to the streets at just nine years old. His father abandoned the family soon after Ko Pyae was born and he had a difficult relationship with his uncle at home.

To help earn family income, Ko Pyae started helping his grandmother at a street stall and from there drifted into life on the streets.

What started out as an adventure quickly turned sour. He became a target for bullies when he refused to do what they told him to. “I could not get enough food … sleep.”

One day he joined other street kids at a drop-in centre supported by StarKids through World Vision’s Mandalay street children’s project. There he received regular meals and healthcare and joined in informal education.

After tracing his family, the project arranged for Ko Pyae to return home.

His mother was filled with joy to see her son return and was grateful he had been cared for by World Vision. “Now my son is happy at home. I promise to care for my son … and educate him,” she said.

Ko Pyae is one of many street kids in Mandalay gaining a brighter future with the help of generous StarKids supporters.

* Name changed to protect identity