A house to be proud of

StarKids helped Daw Cho start her own business and provide for her children.


In a village just outside of Yangon, Myanmar, Daw Cho sits by her house folding the clothes that she sells. It’s a small wooden house, but it’s much better than the bamboo hut she used to live in.

Daw Cho used to earn less than $1 for every garment she sold. It was not enough to support her two daughters. “It was really hard for us,” she said. “My husband was working … but his income was not enough for us to survive.”

When her younger daughter was hospitalised with a brain disease, Daw Cho couldn’t afford the hospital bills. She had no choice but to borrow money.

But soon she was in debt and unable to repay. She was in despair until a project supported by StarKids started in her community.

Daw Cho received 350,000 Kyats (AU$330) to start her own business. After three years Daw Cho had repaid all her debts. “Now I can save up to 100,000 Kyats (AU$95) every month,” she said.

With her improved income, she rebuilt her house and could afford her daughter’s school fees. Daw Cho’s dream is to grow her business further so she can send her daughters to university.

“I don’t want too much for my future, but I really want my daughter to be an educated person,” she said. “So, I will save more money to send her to university and to support her throughout college. Also, I really want to finish repairing the house.”