A Greener City for Kids

StarKids is helping to create a clean and green city in Surabaya, and encouraging kids to play their part.


The streets and alleyways of Surabaya aren’t always the cleanest or greenest places for local kids to play. Indonesia’s second largest city is heavily polluted and congested, with limited natural resources and poor sanitation. But thanks to the support of StarKids, local children and communities are taking active steps to ensure their environment is healthy, clean and green.

A World Vision community sanitation campaign supported by StarKids is helping to improve rubbish disposal and hygiene awareness. Through an urban farming program, World Vision is also providing communities with seeds and training in hydroponic agriculture so they can create a greener city.

Local children monitor the program’s progress to ensure their streets are more child-friendly. Through youth club activities such as photography, writing and theatre, children are learning skills and gaining confidence to actively participate in community initiatives.

Karina, aged 13, enjoys playing her part in supporting a cleaner, greener environment. Karina visits families that are cultivating plants through the urban farming program, interviews them about their progress, and takes photos to record plant growth.

Karina loves taking photos.

“I like to be involved in the (program) monitoring activity through photography,” she said. “I am interested in becoming a photographer.”

Children like Karina are not only connecting with their wider community but also with children from different neighbourhoods. These kids are active agents of change in their community, creating a better place to live and play.


Words: Therese Johnson

Images: Bartolomeus Marsudiharjo/World Vision